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I'm Ruth Mazzey, creator of Maz Designs.


I have evolved into the graphic designer I am today, via Art & Design Graphics at GCSE, then A level;

to a BA Hons in Graphic Design. I have undertaken freelance work throughout my undergraduate years producing mainly celebratory products for weddings, birthdays and other occasions. I have also completed projects for my sailing club at The University of Portsmouth, redesigning the club logo for our T-shirts. I anticipate my future as one continuing to work for myself, alongside employment with a larger organisation and its ongoing promotional and advertisement requirements. My skills in executing a client’s needs and the production of a high quality, unique product, are my future.

Throughout my university career I have produced a range of projects, however my Major Project which you can see here is my favourite. As an avid Plant Parent myself, I would have loved a product like this to help me along the way, and now I have it!

Plant Parenthood | Ruth Mazzey
Plant Parenthood | Ruth Mazzey
Plant Parenthood | Ruth Mazzey

Plant Parenthood

Plant Parenthood is a guide for all current and prospective house plant owners. It’s here as a tool for Learning, Tracking and Discovering more on the journey to become the best Plant Parent you can be! This guide includes handy Plant Pages giving you the need-to-know information such as water consumption, sunlight needs and the best soils for that plant.I have included a Plant Adoption section, where parents can record their growing plant family and keep track with photos and important information such as; where it was bought or who gifted it to you, you can even add your nickname to their plant profile.


Next, the guide has a Watering Tracker which is used to identify when and how often to water your plants, as this may change throughout the year. Finally, there are a To Do List, Notes page, Plant Doodles area and Wishlist gallery, to collate all your Plant Parent desires.


The Plant Parent guide comes with a set of stickers for the Watering Tracker page (or wherever you fancy), and 4 postcards to send, frame or inspire... now we can all be the best Plant Parents we can possibly be!

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