Unlock | Rosanna Smith
Unlock | Rosanna Smith
Unlock | Rosanna Smith
Unlock | Rosanna Smith


Hello! My name is Rosanna Smith, and I am an enthusiastic and hardworking Graphic Designer. I have a strong passion for digital and print design with a particular interest in branding and identity.

My course has given me a broad range of live brief experiences, including working on and receiving a commendation for my submission to the YCN competition in 2019.

In my third year of university, I completed an internship at Teradata, an international database and analytics business which enabled me to work as part of a marketing team, providing design solutions for clients within the fortune 500 groups.

Unlock | Rosanna Smith


This project was conducted as part of a competition unit for the You Can Now (YCN) Awards in 2019. I chose to complete the ArtFund brief which involved creating a campaign aimed at young adults aged 18-24. The main purpose of the campaign was ‘to raise awareness among students that actively choosing to visit museums or galleries more often can be a powerful antidote to the stress and anxiety of student life’.

There are two messages within this campaign.The first message is that the Student Art Pass is the key to ‘unlocking’ artwork and to seeing more and the second, is that venues such as museums, exhibitions and galleries are spaces in which young adults can ‘unlock’ themselves.

The main visual imagery within my proposed campaign includes keys and a continuous line. The keys represent qualities that young adults wish to unlock within themselves and the line is the path to achieving that quality.

The main purpose of the key design is that a person who wishes to buy a Student Art Pass can choose which one they buy. My goal is that the individual will identify with a particular key and will then actively look for the campaign posters with ‘their’ key on them. By identifying with the design and having a choice, the campaign becomes more personal and therefore, arguably more successful.


Software used: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat.

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