Frogs Around The World | Kai Nicholls
Frogs Around The World | Kai Nicholls


Hi, my name is Kai Nicholls, I'm a 20 year old, passionate, driven, multidisciplinary graphic designer and illustrator who strives to achieve the highest quality within my work. I'm a firm believer that there is always room to improve, and I am always pushing myself to produce better, more visually engaging work.

Whilst studying at university I have picked up a wide range of skills within graphic design and discovered my passion for illustration as well as editorial design and animation. In my spare time I can be found creating illustration work for my Instagram account, reading graphic novels or spending time with my friends and family.

Frogs Around The World | Kai Nicholls
Frogs Around The World | Kai Nicholls

Frogs Around The World

These are a series of prints that I created for a conceptual exhibition aimed at children from the ages of eight to sixteen. The project focuses on how various parts of the world view an artefact differently depending on their beliefs and cultures,in this project I am using frogs as the object to teach and engage young people into learning about different beliefs and

values. I chose to focus on a series of cultures within the project including Chinese, Egyptian, German, Aztec, Greek and Hebrew representation.

The set of posters were designed to be screen printed which is why there is a duotone colour palette of blue and red used, meaning the prints would only require two screens. I wanted to approach this project by creating a striking, stylised series of designs that transformed frogs from a potentially mundane subject matter to a visually engaging, exciting and fun topic for the audience to interact with.

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