Hi, I'm Aurora, nice to meet you! 


I have recently graduated with a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design at the University of Portsmouth. I will be studying MA Digital Marketing next year whilst taking on small freelance projects and hope to find full time employment after this.

I am a curious, diligent and enthusiastic designer who loves to use the power of design to create good in the world. I believe design is about problem-solving and distilling complex ideas into easy to understand, engaging concepts.

I have always been creative with wide-ranging skills and love getting stuck into all aspects of design. I have experience with both digital and print projects. I'm particularly passionate about UX/UI design, editorial design and illustration.

When I'm not designing, you'll usually find me outdoors with my many pets, rollerskating, and buying more house plants!


Dishoom | Aurora Casey
Dishoom | Aurora Casey
Dishoom | Aurora Casey


This brief was set as a competition by the YCN and Dishoom. They required a new digital rewards scheme, an offline identifier, as well as a communication plan and email designs.

Customers can choose a bracelet from a range of colours and patterns suited to their style. They can then permanently wear and scan the bracelet on contactless machines whenever they dine to collect points and earn rewards. The purpose of the Bandhan bracelet is to connect and unite all Dishoomers using a fashionable and desirable offline identifier, whilst simultaneously self-promoting the Dishoom cafés.

Dishoom Bandhan was designed from the roots of Dishoom’s history, heritage and beliefs. The idea originates from the festival of Raksha Bandhan which historically celebrates the special bond between siblings through the act of tying a rakhi (thread) around their sibling's wrists as a symbol of love.

The purpose of the app is to show the customer how many points they have earned, what they can exchange their points for, and membership information including how close they are to becoming a silver/gold member. I have designed the app to be visually exciting yet simple to use, creating an exceptional user experience. The app's first screen reads “Hi (insert name)!” which adds to the personal touches.

Dishoom | Aurora Casey
Dishoom | Aurora Casey
Dishoom | Aurora Casey